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About Us

Chewy's Nova - Where Everyone is Treated Like a Star!

How did Chewy's Nova begin?

One day  a cat was found at a local school with Frost bite on her ears and toes. The school didn't know what to do with her and they were just going to put her outside again. I quickly told them I would take her and we named her Sada. After having her for only 24 hours we needed to take her to the vet because she hadn't gone to the bathroom and we were worried she would had worms. The vet confirmed that she had worms, but that wasn't the only thing, she also had a couple little babies inside her. 2 months later we got to witness our first animal birth when Sada gave birth to 4 little sweet kittens named Aiko, Wyatt. Aimee and Christian. During the time when the kittens were growing up we also were confronted with a unique situation. My friend owned a duck meat farm and we were given the chance to rescue 2 little babies from it. Since we didn't have the facilities to house them, they stopped here only for a night and were taken to a loving Horse rescue who found them a home on a farm with 2 little girls to love them and nice pond to swim in. Soon it was time for the kittens and mom to go and they were all adopted out to loving families. While the kittens were leaving I was again confronted with a unique situation. My dad's friend owned a rabbit meat farm that they had to close down because they were moving. They had 49 rabbits who were scheduled to go to slaughter in one week. They told me I could rescue as many as I wanted to. I began emailing people like crazy. I am happy to report that we were able to get EVERY rabbit out of there. The rabbits went to different shelters through out the USA and 2 stayed here with us who are currently looking for loving, indoor homes.

Ever since I was little I knew what I wanted to do with my life, own my own rescue. I was finally able to do what I wanted to do with my life. In honor of my first loves, Chewy and Nova I knew the perfect name, Chewy's Nova. Nova also means Star, so the title of the rescue can also be translated as Chewy's Star. That is where our slogan came in "Chewy's Nova - Where Everyone is Treated Like a Star".


Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to treat every animal as if it were our own. To respect the families in the situation of having to give up the animal and to find every animal a loving, permanent home with the best suitable family.

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